• What do I nibble on, you ask?
    • Well, I am a creature of habit. I get these 3-4 quaint little scoops of Hills light – tailored just for the likes of dashing small and miniatures like myself. Clockwork, darling! 8am sharp and then again at 6pm. And let's not forget those delectable liver treats; they're the pièce de résistance of my gourmet life.

  • How much of fabulousness do I pack?
    • A sleek 1.8kg, if you must know. Compact yet full of personality, I assure you.

  • Wondering about my stature?
    • Oh, just a majestic 8 inches long or, if you're feeling continental, 20 cm.

  • My go-to winter wear?
    • I have an affinity for the Moncler Jackets, especially with the hood up. But occasionally, the hood might play tricks, slipping down, turning my dazzling eyes mysteriously incognito. Such drama, right?

  • Preferred chariot for my adventures?
    • I'm all about that luxurious travel life. So, naturally, it’s my Moncler bag, but never without the cosy touch of my favourite blanket.

  • Where's my current royal residence?
    • Once more, I've graced the charming streets of London with my presence.

  • My trusty sidekick in the toy world?
    • Ah, from the very beginning, there was Mr. Llama. My confidant in every sense – sometimes a blanket, sometimes a carpet, but always, always a loyal companion.

  • Which esteemed humans make it to my favorites list?
    • Uncle Marti: He's quite the character, and pawrent of Monty, my favorite cousin (let’s keep that between us, shall we?)
      Uncle Tony: A true ally since the very start. He’s had my back, sneaking me into the most exclusive spots. Though, on occasion, I suspect he's played matchmaker with the lady pups.
      Auntie Sabine: The fabulous dame who introduced me to Professor Blufus, one of my most cherished pals.

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, which film star is my look-alike?
    • While many say "Baby Yoda," in my world, it's simply "the baby." Modesty, darling!