• What do I eat
    • 3-4 single oz scoops of Hills light for small and miniature twice a day - 8am and 6pm.
      I do also eat all liver treats.

  • How much do I weight?
    • 1.3kg

  • What size am I?
    • 8 inches or 20cm

  • What is my favourite jacket?
    • Usually any Moncler Jacket as long as the hood is up - Sometimes the hood pops down and my eyes go incognito

  • What is my favourite toy?
    • From birth I received Mr Llama. He’s been with me through thick and thin. I’ve used Mr Llama at times as a blanket, a carpet and companion.

  • Who are my favourite people?
    • Uncle Tony - He has been there since day 1, helping hide me in places I should not be; however he may have pimped me out to the ladiez.
      Auntie Sabine - She introduced me to Professor Blufus one of my favourite boys.

  • What film star do I look like most?
    • They sometimes call the star “Baby Yoda” but I call it “the baby”