(I am still en route to become a rapper…. It’s just taking longer than expected with my limited vocabulary of borks)

Born on 28th February 2018 in Scarborough, Ontario to Lucy.

At 8 weeks I was brought home to the ruff streets of Yorkville, Toronto by my Papa Arta and Uncle Tony.

I became a regular at Dimmi Trattoria (and pretty much any restaurant as long as I was undetected in my bag)

At a very young age I became a professional at sunbathing/ photosynthesis and still to this day believe if it’s windy I’ll pick up in the air and fly away.

I’ve made lots of Hooman friends: hiding in their Hermès, cupholders and obscure places. I also made friends with dogs of all sizes - up to 50 times my weight.

In July 2019 my papa moved us to London, UK and I made lots of Dog friends. I also finally met all the other dogs in my family.

On November 2nd my papa was away in Toronto and I was in the care of my Grandmama in London, UK. I was forgotten on a chair and jumped off fracturing my front left arm. The operation of putting a plate in my arm lead to several complications: reaction to medication causing a necrotic wound on my belly and back legs, debridement of this skin to prevent an infection.

I was undergoing anaesthetic every other day for 2 months to clean the skin. However as one of the wounds was on the joint of my back left knee, I was unable to use it so it caused muscle loss and the leg started to twist.

On 29th January 2020 they put 4 pins and a claw like contraption to keep my leg straight.

On 27th March my skin was deemed heeled and I had the pins removed from my leg. The skin was a bit tight, my muscles fairly week but I was slowly improving.

I am still strutting around telling people who’s boss while I am recovering from my injuries but I am nearly there!

In July 2020 I launched my official merch range with disney style stickers, keyring and an official lil SUKA toy!