(I am still en route to become a rapper…. It’s just taking longer than expected with my limited vocabulary of borks)

Born on 28th February 2018 in Scarborough, Ontario, I am Lil Suka, the child of Lucy.

At 8 weeks, my Papa Arta and Uncle Tony brought me home to the ruff streets of Yorkville, Toronto.

Soon enough, I became a regular at Dimmi Trattoria – and, let’s be honest, at pretty much any restaurant, as long as I was sneakily tucked away in my bag.

From a tender age, I mastered the art of sunbathing (or should I say, photosynthesis?). Even now, I half believe that if it gets too windy, I might just lift off and soar away.

My adventures led me to countless Hooman buddies: some found me hiding in their Hermès, others discovered me in cupholders and a myriad of odd hideouts. Doggos too, many 50 times my size, became my pals.

Then, in July 2019, Papa whisked us away to London, UK. Here, I was thrilled to meet a barrage of furry friends, including those from my lineage.

However, November 2nd was a day of misadventure. Papa was in Toronto and I was under Grandmama's care in London. A jump from a chair led to a fractured front left arm. The subsequent operation wasn't smooth sailing. Medication reactions led to necrotic wounds on my belly and back legs. A debridement was needed to keep infections at bay.

For two gruelling months, I had to go under anaesthetic every other day for skin clean-ups. One wound was particularly stubborn, right on the joint of my back left knee, rendering the leg useless. This led to muscle deterioration and an unsettling twist in the leg.

But, not all was grim. On 29th January 2020, surgeons anchored my leg straight with 4 pins and a claw-like device.

Come 27th March, with pins removed, my skin had finally healed. The road to recovery was rocky, with tight skin and weakened muscles, but every day brought progress.

And all the while, I kept my spirits up, strutting around like the boss I am. Recovery? I was nailing it.

Then, in July 2020, came a milestone: I launched my official merch! Disney-inspired stickers, keyrings, and even a Lil SUKA toy made their debut.

In September 2020, sensing that the city life was getting a bit too ruff for a distinguished canine like me, I whisked my tail to the serene pastures of West Sussex, UK. The encounters with the squirrels there? Utterly nutty!

By October 2021, with the winds of wanderlust blowing strong, I found my paws treading the romantic alleys of Venice, Italy. Between gondola rides and soaking up the sun, I sure made quite the splash in the Venetian waters.

Yet, homesickness has its way, and by April 2022, I was back in the UK, relishing the home comforts and savouring a good old-fashioned English treat (or five).

Come the summer of 2022, Greece’s siren call was impossible to resist. Basking under its sun, mingling with the local furballs, it felt as though I had become the latest sensation. A modern-day Hercules, if you will, minus the labours and with all the treats.

In March 2023, a new adventure was in the offing. This time, my paw steps echoed in the bustling streets of Seoul and the tranquil beaches of Busan, South Korea. Although I tried my paw at some K-Dog drama, I soon realized action-packed beaches were more my scene.

But Greece, with its enchanting allure, drew me back not once, but twice by May and July 2023. Whisper it, but I suspect they simply can't get enough of my charming bark and wag. Who can blame them?