Suka’s Sky-High Adventures: The Pet-Friendly Airlines Leaving the UK

Hey there, fellow adventurers! It's Suka! 🐾 Grab your bags (and your humans), and let's chat about flying in style and comfort. No, not in the overhead bins or the cargo, but right beneath those seat things where all the humans sit. I must admit, it's a cozy little nook - and close to all the dropped snacks!

But first, a tiny doggie disclaimer! While many airlines are thrilled to have us aboard, they're not so keen on our return trip to the UK. If you're wondering how to make a posh re-entry, make sure to sniff around my other blog about entering the UK with a pet.

Now, before we soar into our options, I must point out that while budget airlines like EasyJet, RyanAir, and even our British pals at BA might be fabulous in many ways, they don’t quite see the genius of having us pets in the cabin. But fear not, for there are others who do!

  1. Air France: My top pick for intercontinental trotting. And hey, if you've got dreams of chasing squirrels in Asia, they've got you covered!

  2. Transavia: Brilliant for European escapades! France to... well, pretty much the whole of Europe!

  3. Lufthansa: This one's both for European jaunts and other international capers. Here's a secret: act cute, and they might sneak you a treat!

  4. ITA: For all things Italy. I hear there's an endless supply of meatballs there!

  5. Swiss Air: Whether it's the Alps or a global adventure, they've got us covered.

  6. Aegean: Perfect for basking in the Greek sun and maybe sampling a gyro (or two).

  7. Volotea: The ultimate choice for intra-EU trips. And you might even get a little serenade on landing!

Now, here's the part where I put on my serious collar. If you're traveling, you've got to have your paperwork! For both the EU and the UK, you’ll need:

  1. An EU pet passport with valid rabies vaccines and a fancy-schmancy microchip (mine doesn't get radio stations, I've tried!). This chip should match the ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 standards.

  2. An Animal Health Certificate. But remember, it’s like dog treats – it doesn’t stay fresh forever. After 6 months, it's no good!

A quick paw-se for an important tidbit: that swanky bag you plan to use? It needs to fit under the human seat. Usually, the dimensions are around 46 x 28 x 24 cm. But, and this is a big but (not like mine, which is adorably small), you MUST double-check with the airline. They sometimes have their own rules, and we wouldn't want any unpleasant surprises, right?

Remember, pals, while each country's entry requirements might seem trickier than catching your tail, it's all worth it for the adventures that await! And always, always ensure you have everything in order, or you might end up in a four-month timeout (aka quarantine), and not the fun kind with endless belly rubs.

Till our next sky-high escapade! 🐾✈️👜

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