Suka's Pawsome Guide to UK Entry (No Crates Allowed!)

Hey furry friends and lovely humans! 🐾 Suka here, your tail-wagging travel advisor. If the idea of a travel crate makes you go "ruff!", then keep those whiskers perked up. I’ve sniffed out the best route for a comfy UK entry. Let’s dive in!

🛬 Paris, Here We Come: Regardless of where you're coming from, let your whiskers lead you to Paris. Aim to land at Charles de Gaulle – it's like the hydrant of airports for us! From here, Calais-bound trains are just a skip and hop away. But if you do a boo-boo and end up at Paris Orly (maybe following the aroma of a French cheese?), grab a taxi or embark on a mini-adventure to Gare du Nord.

🌙 Overnight in Paris? Got in after dark or just want to sniff around Paris? Turn it into a sleepover! And hey, don't forget to dream of Eiffel Tower-sized treats.

🚂 Choo-Choo to Calais! The train from Charles de Gaulle usually needs a lil' pitstop at Lille. But, more places to explore, more fun, right?

🚐 Vroom Vroom, Shuttle Time! Calais awaits with options! Hop onto Le Pet Express. Envision: you, me, and a few other four-legged cool cats and dogs, vibing in a shuttle. It departs at a tail-friendly 4 pm. While our luxury crates await, it's £165 for our humans. A few playful barks later (2-4 hours to be exact), Ashford International is in sight. And London? Just a quick 40-minute train dash away.


🚖 Fancy a Taxi? Feelin' a bit diva-esque? Folkestone Taxi is the limo of our world. Yes, the price tag's a bit hefty and changes (like my mind about which toy to play with), but boy, is it luxe! Cuddle with your human, nose pressed against the window. And on arrival? They drop you at Folkestone station, just a 40-min train ride from the dazzling lights of London.

📜 The 'Ruff' Paperwork Stuff: Okay, pals, serious muzzle moment here. Before you embark on this grand adventure:

  • Ensure your papers flaunt a valid rabies vaccine and a tapeworm treatment, given at least 24 hours but not more than 120 hours before UK entry.
  • Your passport to adventure? The EU pet passport (get it in France) or the Animal Health Certificate from home. But, this certificate's got an expiry date – it can't be older than 6 months.
  • Flaunt that microchip number! It’s like our secret code. But ensure it’s ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 approved.
  • A word of caution: if we slip up on these rules, there's a 4-month quarantine awaiting. And trust me, that's no holiday!

Alrighty, fur-buddies! That's it from your pal, Suka. May your journey be filled with fun, treats, and zero crate-time! Toodle-woof! 🐶✈️

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